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Customised Morse Code Bead Bracelet

  • £19.00

A friendship personalised morse code bracelet that spells your chosen word or phrase in dots and dashes.

Remind someone what you think of them with this rose gold or silver customised morse bracelet with encrypted message. It makes a thoughtful and unique present that can be worn as a reminder of your positive words.


Available in silver or rose gold beads- BOTH are on GREY rope.

1- Decide on the message that you'd like to encrypt (it will need to be very short)

2- Check your message here:

one morse dot or dash = one bead PLEASE READ THIS LINE CAREFULLY

3- count how many beads you need (maximum 50). If it's more than 50 beads , sorry, we cannot make this for you.

4- Now you are ready to CAREFULLY select the correct drop down menus for your message :)

5 - Please send us your wanted message at the checkout.

This will be sent to you in a gift box with an explanation card, all ready to pass on as a gift.

Available in rose gold or silver beads.

Made from:

Grey 'satin' cord and silver or rose gold plated beads


The bracelet is adjustable to any size that you require. We only need to know if you want a bracelet for a small child or person with a large wrist. In either case please give wrist measurements when making the order.



If you would like your item to be gift wrapped, please go to the following link and choose the appropriate one for your product.


  • Free UK delivery
  • Shipped within 10 days from purchase.



These are not meant to be worn in the bath/shower. If you do the knots will begin to unravel and make the bracelet unwearable.

Royal Mail are still sometimes struggling due to covid related issues. The delivery date you are given is 'estimated' not guaranteed.  Some things simply get stuck in the system for longer. You would be unlucky to wait a month but it does occasionaly happen. We ask that you please confirm at checkout you agree to this and will not sell to you otherwise, so please don’t buy unless you are happy with a potential wait. We always post on time and would email you beforehand if we were ever not able to do that. Thankyou for your patience.

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