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Stand Tall And Wear A Crown, Pineapple Morse Bracelet

  • £14.00

This pineapple morse code bracelet spells 'Be A Pineapple' (stand tall, wear a crown and be sweet) in Morse Code dots and dashes.

PLEASE NOTE: The current stock has the bracelet made with a mix of round silver beads and silver effect long glass beads. The product is visible in the SECOND photograph. It looks as lovely if not more so! Thankyou.

Gift your friend or loved one this ' Be Strong' messsage Morse bracelet. Pineapples are sweet but they are tough on the outside and stand strong and tall. Importantly they have a crown too. We all need to remember that we are valuable. It makes for a very unique and unusual gift, perfect to remind that special someone of their personal power.

This is available with silver plated beads and grey thread.

It will be sent to you in a gift box with a translation card, all ready to pass on as a gift.

There is other Morse code jewellery available in separate listings

made from:

'satin' cord and silver plated beads


The bracelet is adjustable to any size.


If you would like your item to be gift wrapped, please go to the following link and choose the appropriate one for your product.


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  • Shipped within 24 hours from purchase (Monday - Friday)



These are not meant to be worn in the bath/shower. If you do the knots will begin to unravel and make the bracelet unwearable.

Royal Mail are still sometimes struggling due to covid related issues. The delivery date you are given is 'estimated' not guaranteed.  Some things simply get stuck in the system for longer. You would be unlucky to wait a month but it does occasionaly happen. We ask that you please confirm at checkout you agree to this and will not sell to you otherwise, so please don’t buy unless you are happy with a potential wait. We always post on time and would email you beforehand if we were ever not able to do that. Thankyou for your patience.

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