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Morse Code 'Believe' Bracelet

  • £14.00

A simple bracelet that spells 'Believe' in Morse Code dots and dashes.

Currently only available in silver!

Remind someone of their strength and personal power with this 'Believe' Morse Code dots and dashes bracelet. It makes a thoughtful and unusual gift that can be worn as a reminder of your encouraging words.

Perfect for anyone who is starting out on a new venture or chapter in their life. Or perhaps someone who is in need of encouragement.

This will be sent to you in a gift box with an , all ready to pass on as a gift.

There is other Morse code jewellery available in separate listings 


The bracelet is adjustable but is 5.5 cm in diameter at it's smallest and 7c.m at its largest.

If you would like your item to be gift wrapped, please go to the following link and choose the appropriate one for your product.

Shipped within 24 hours of order being made.



These are not meant to be worn in the bath/shower. If you do the knots will begin to unravel and make the bracelet unwearable.

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