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Dates 1928 To 1967 Sixpence Rose Gold Spinner Necklace

  • £29.00

A stylish and unique rose gold sixpence spinner necklace displaying a genuine polished sixpence coin of your chosen date.

This vintage inspired coin pendant necklace contains an authentic sixpence coin of your choice!

Set on a rotating base, this necklace features both the heads and the tails of the coin so the wearer can easily choose which side to show.

Coins are available for every year from 1928 to 1967. These include the years that celebrate the following milestones:

1933 - 90th

1943 - 80th

1963- 60th

NOTE: the images show 1960 sixpence but you will receive your selected coin.

The sixpence is traditionally given as a symbol of good luck so would make a fantastic gift for a wedding, birthday or any other special occasion. It is something that can be worn and kept forever.

Gift wrap is an option.


20" chain

3cm x 2.5cm pendant

Made from

Alloy plated pendant, stainless steel chain and a genuine sixpence coin.



If you would like your item to be gift wrapped, please go to the following link and choose the appropriate one for your product.


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