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Lucky Sixpence Tie Slide 1954 - 1967 Birthday, Anniversary, Good Luck Charm

  • £15.00

Wish someone good fortune with this lucky sixpence tie slide.

This simple tie slide is embellished with a genuine sixpence coin. The sixpence is traditionally given as a symbol of good luck so would make a fantastic wedding gift or to wish someone good fortune in anything from an exam to a new job.

They also make a fantastic birthday/anniversary present. Coins are available for every year from 1954 - 1967 . These include the years that celebrate the following milestones:

1957- 60th

1967- 50th

Other tie slides with the dates 1928 - 1953 are available under a separate listing.

The tie slide will be sent to you in a black gift box with gift wrapping also as an option.

There are other sixpence, five pence and half pence jewellery and accessories available in separate listings. These include keyrings, cufflinks and necklaces.

made from:
Stainless steel with a real sixpence coin

55mm x 6mm and the sixpence part is 20 mm diameter

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