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Sixpence Heart Keyring 1928 - 1967, Birthday, Anniversary, Good Luck Charm

  • £14.00

Wish someone good fortune with this heart shaped lucky sixpence keyring.

This keyring features a heart shaped centre displaying the iconic British sixpence.

The sixpence is traditionally given as a symbol of good luck so would make a fantastic gift to offer fortune or encouragement in any number of events from weddings and birthdays to driving tests and home buying (particularly events for a which a set of keys is relevant).

The cable running through the keyring has ends which can be unscrewed which allows you to pull the steel wire through the heart piece and then attach your keys before returning it to the original position. It is a design which gives great security.

Coins are available for every year from 1928 to 1967. These include the years that celebrate the following milestones:

1937 80th

1947- 70th

1957- 60th

1967- 50th

1928-1946 are an extra Σ3 per as these coins are 50% silver. They feature George V on the 'heads side'.

There is lots more sixpence jewellery and accessories available in separate listings. These include, necklaces, flasks, cufflinks and tie pins.

made from:
Real vintage sixpence coin and stainless steel

Keyring - 9cm x 3cm

Heart - 3cm x 3cm

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