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Sixpence Tie Pin Or Brooch 1928 - 1967, Birthday, Anniversary, Good Luck Charm

  • £10.00

A date specific sixpence coin pin for adorning a tie, coat or other fabric item

This simple tie pin/brooch is embellished with a genuine sixpence coin. The sixpence is traditionally given as a symbol of good luck so would make a fantastic wedding gift or to wish someone good fortune in anything from an exam to a new job.

They also make a fantastic birthday/anniversary present. Coins are available for every year from 1928 to 1967. These include the years that celebrate the following milestones:

1937- 80th

1947- 70th

1957- 60th

1967- 50th

1928-1952 are an extra Σ6 as these coins are 50% silver. They feature George V on the 'heads side'.

The pin/brooch will be sent to you in a black gift box

There is lots more sixpence jewellery and accessories available in separate listings.

These include, necklaces, flasks, cufflinks and tie pins.

made from:
Real vintage sixpence coin and stainless steel

2 cm diameter

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